Thursday, February 5, 2015

Writing it together

My friend and blogging buddy, Owyn, and I have been working on a series together. For now it's being called the Trio of Light. That name came before we added another character, but that's besides the point. I'm going to try to give you a glimpse into writing a book with another person.

Pro:  The first pro is that there is a lot of imagination going into this. Not only are your ideas going into this story, so is your partners. That makes for a very creative story.

Con:  The con is that well, there's a LOT of ideas going into the story and yours won't always make it. Sometimes you might have a brilliant idea, but your partner doesn't think it will quite work, bye, bye Mr. Idea.

Pro: You don't have to do as much work. Say if you're writing fantasy like Owyn and I are, right now I'm working on history and maps while she works on the first draft of the plot.

Con: You won't always agree. Sometimes you want someone to die, and your partner's a softy. ;)

Pro: You have someone to talk to about the first draft. I've never felt comfortable talking to others about my first drafts because I feel they royally stink. But because Owyn and I are writing together I feel comfortable talking to her about it.

Con: Sometimes you start to slack on writing. Owyn and I have been working on this story for a year now. But because of our busy schedules we're still at the beginning. (That may have to do with the fact that we've changed the plot like three times, and added Callan, my baby)

Pro: It's lots of fun. I have had a great time working with Owyn on our book. I have been recently learning that I'm an extrovert and I love people, so sometimes I can get a bit lonely working by myself. Plus, it's a great excuse to have Owyn up for the weekend. ;)

Con: Sometimes it can get a bit annoying. EX: Arin, Owyn's baby, is a bit too perfect at them moment. Sure, she has a few emotional things, but nothing much. I think I spent ten minutes on the phone trying to convince Owyn to give her at least one or two more flaws.

Pro: You and your friend can really get to know each other this way. Before I moved Owyn and I were friends, but not super close. But while my family was still in the stages of moving (We moved slowly) Owyn and I decided to start writing a book. Since then we've become very close friends and have kept in close touch. :)

So there you go! If you think you like the sounds of working together, grab a buddy and start brainstorming!


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