Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking at the Old and Growing

  Wow. I really wish I had looked back at my first posts before I quit. I have been looking back and catching up with my fifteen year old self. I can say with confidence that I have grown so much in my blogging skills. It's embarrassing to think that anyone read what I wrote back then. I'm also sure that in another two years I will look back and grimace at what I'm currently writing.

  I forced out every word. My humor was dry. I honestly sounded like a baby trying to be a guru.

  I do have a point to this though. Don't beat yourself up about your writing. Trust me, everyone sucks at first. Think of all of the professionals out there. Oprah was fired from a job at 23. Most of us know that Steve Jobs was a high school dropout. Yet this didn't stop them. It grew them into very successful people.

  I have a challenge for each of you today. A somewhat painful one, but it's worth it. Go back through your posts to day one and read at least three old posts. When you are finished gritting your teeth go forward to your last three posts and read those. Can you see the change? Can you see yourself before as the old, and now as the new? As long as we keep writing, we will keep improving.

  So, go be inspirational! Keep getting better and better until your a millionaire. (When you get really famous and make lots of money remember me. Remember that I gave you this inspirational post and I foretold the future. (Don't just remember me though, call me up, make your your right hand man gal))

Keep writing!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Write Your Dreams

  This is an article from my other blog that I spruced up and am publishing here so that you amazing people can read it. I just want to note that you guys are writers, mess up what I wrote. Over analyze it, under analyze it, make it your own. Take my ideas and turn it into something that works for you as an genuinely terrific individual. However, you may feel free to do exactly as I say as well. :)
  The very first thing I do when meeting a new character is daydream. I love doing this, I have always loved daydreaming ever since I was a little girl. It earned me a lot of homework when I was a public schooled kindergartner though. First, I choose my character and put them in their world. And I have them interact with other characters and such. I let myself have bunches of fun with this step. I do anything I want romantic scenes, fights, crying like a Disney princess. And I try out different personalities and looks.
What do they look like? 

  I slowly fill this in the more I daydream. What do they wear? I like to add a personal item that everyone will someday see and start fangirling over because they recognize it as one of my characters. You know like, converse, red and blue handkerchiefs and shirts, bowties, scarves, and deerstalkers. These things will be a trigger when readers are out in public. 
What do they sound like? 

  I like to also give each character a word or two that they would never ever use. Then one or two words that they use all the time. Maybe your MMC hates it when people use the word gorgeous (don’t ask me why), try making it a word your FMC uses whenever she wants to irritate him. I am always trying out new words to expand my vocabulary, try having your character do this and often misuse words. Fitting this in with your character's backstory will give them more depth.

What do you want?
  Then for my next step. I tend to do this when I can’t think of a scene that I want to keep, but one that I want to write anyways. It’s pretty much the same as daydreaming. I just do it on paper. It’s a good writing exercise and it’s fun. Plus there’s no pressure on you about writing well. It’s all about finding out who your characters are. I often try out romances this way. But writing out backstories, nonessential scenes, and just goofy fluff is never a waste of time.

(I am posting this today to get my blog rolling again but you can start expecting posts irregularly on Mondays. I am trying to be more consistent, but I'm not promising anything because I have let you guys down too many times before)
  Do you have any tips or things you would like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love, love, love reading what you guys have to say.

Keep writing!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back and at it Again

Hi my lovely friends,
  You thought I was never coming back? Yeah, well, so did I. But, because of my lack of being here for (how long?... almost two years) I have realized just how much I needed you and this blog to continue my writing career. You guys are my inspiration. Without this commitment my writing has fallen by the wayside. I have missed this more than I could ever admit.

  As many of you know I went over to Wordpress for a while. I was getting sick of the same look and when I had tried to redesign TWoS, I only made it worse. Why did I choose green? Green is one of my least favorite colors, especially that shade. It killed my inspiration. So, I gave up instead of changing it and switched my domain. I had one follower there and it was not the experience I was hoping to have. Now, that's not to say that normally I wouldn't keep writing, even if I only had one follower, it just was one more thing added to the list of why I should quit. So, after not very long there, I did end up quitting. It was a good break for a while, but then it was not. But now I am ready to come back and start 2017 with coming back.

  I cannot wait to get reacquainted with all of you. :)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Very important update

Hi my lovely followers!

I am really sorry to inconvenience you this way. But I have moved this blog to Wordpress, and changed the name to Writer Have Adventures Too. I feel I should explain myself and why I am leaving Blogger for this blog.

I have been having a hard time with inspirational posts. I am very tired of not finding a theme and background that I love that fits our name. And I am just plain ready to move on. I find Wordpress is a bit more my style.

So... if you love me enough... you might consider following my new blog. The posts will be much the same, so you won't have to worry in that respect. But I will not be transferring old posts, so I'm leaving TWS open just in case you would like to look through it.

If you have any questions or objections or comments, please feel free to leave them. I'll continue responding to your comments till the end of my days. ;)

Thank you for following me here and being such great friends. You are all the best.


Writers Have Adventures Too

Friday, May 1, 2015

Do not give up

I know writing first drafts are hard. Trust me, I haven't even gotten through one yet. But here's a little encouragement for all of us. :)

Your character's could be someone's OTPs someday. Or someone could ship them. Maybe you'll even start a fandom. Maybe even one as big as SuperWhoLock! Just think about that. All those feelings you have for your ships, someone could feel the same way about your characters some day. Alright, have a little squealing moment there. ;) I won't judge you. You should see the smile on my face from just thinking about it.

You could impact someone's life for God someday. People go through rough times in their lives, and books often help. Yours might just lead someone to Christ. Now that's something to smile about. :)

Friends can't bug you about reading it anymore. Just hand them the papers and sit back. lol, or your little sister.

You'll have the ultimate bragging rights. Especially if you're a teenager. Not many teenagers can say they've written a full length book.

God, family, and friends will be proud of you. You will have persevered through something not many people can do. You will have faced writer's block, plot holes, and difficult characters, and made it to the end.

Sit back for a moment. If you're having a hard time with your story, think of all the good things about writing. Think about the different things you love about your characters. Remember that time the words just flowed from your fingers?

And have fun! I don't care if it takes me twelve years to write my story if I'm having fun. Don't make yourself miserable. Pushing is good, straining is not.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to save the character that needs to be cut

So... now don't get too mad with me. Alright, I don't have a good excuse, but I know this time it was a    really long time. Sorry. But, because of my absence it gave me an idea for a post.

You have that secondary character. You absolutely love them, but... you know they aren't adding to the story and they should probably be cut. "No!!! I can't cut my baby", you scream with your notebook/computer clutched to your chest. And so, your favorite Brookie ever is going to give you some tips on how to make your character worthy of staying in the story. Yay for Brookie! Now you're not so mad with her for ditching you, right? Right...?

If you haven't already, give them some backstory. This will automatically make her deeper and more important. After she has some backstory, give her a goal. Now her goal is a key thing here. Give her a goal that in some way crosses with the MC's. Maybe the MC is trying to save the world? Maybe for some reason this character can't let that happen. What if the antagonist is threatening this character's family if she helps the MC? What if she's looking for her lost father and the MC's goal distracts her from that. Use anything. Remember keep your imagination open and once you figure out their backstory don't set it in stone, SC's backstories can add immensely to the MC's. :)

The key thing I believe when creating and developing characters is to make every character the MC. Because that's what they think they are. So treat them like it. Just remember that their goals are the only things that can't be as big as the MC's. Otherwise they start to take over the story. Don't let your love for this character trump your love for your MC's or it's back to the start to completely replot everything. If you really get attached consider writing something on them later.

I am putting up a poll for you all to vote on! So don't forget to check that out before you leave. :)

Do you have any other tips to share? Are you going to tear me apart for being gone so long? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another sneak peek!

This time it's into the world of Owyn's and my books.

Again, please don't get attached, we change things quite often. ;) You can get attached to the main four I guess. (Everything is relevant to the first book)

Arin   Age: 18  MC

A' Mercy   Age: 17 SC

Tarn (We don't have the best picture for him yet)   Age: ? (We changed a few things and haven't discussed his age again)  SC

Callan     Age: 19    SC

And our antagonist (Oh looky there, it's Richard Armitage, his representing our antagonist may or may not have anything to do with me thinking he's awesome) ;)