Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brain Strikes

Have you ever had a time when your normally wild imagination drys up? Were your brain goes on strike? And that blank page stares at you. Daring you to write something.

 Well, that's what mine is doing. I can't write anything, unless it's super boring and stupid. See what I mean? Do you think this post is boring? I do. So I'll apologize now for my brain, she's away right now.

But, no matter how annoying these times are. They are good for us. Brookie say what? I said they are good for us. Good for giving us patients, for teaching us what to do when we're published and our brains go on strike, for showing us that we aren't always in control.

I know. I know. It still doesn't make these times any more fun. : /

But here is my advice:

Write anyways. Even if it's the most stupid stuff you've ever read, write it. Eventually your brain will notice how terrible a job you are doing without it and help you.

Read. When I read, I get a million stupid ideas. Oh I could write such and such a book, and this and blah, blah, blah. But it gets your brain moving, even if it's not exactly in ship shape. ;P

Daydream. Remember my post on daydreaming? If not go check it out. :)

Don't watch TV. You will only want to sit there all day eating popcorn (If you don't have braces) It's only an excuse for not writing. And I'm not saying I haven't used it. : /

Don't beat yourself up. I know, I've been doing it all day. But...

And remember, We are doing this for the glory of God. ;)


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