Saturday, February 22, 2014

Favorite Characters

I just read a post at Inklings the other day. It was about how most of the time our favorite characters are the boys.
What do you think? I had to totally agree.

I found this picture of him at a character interview

My favorite character ever is Luca from The River of Time series. He is funny, brave, loyal, and just a good guy. Of course he does live back in the Medieval times, so that has a bit to do with his awesome character.

Why do you think we tend to like the guys more? I think it's because we're girls (I assume boys don't hang out here, but if you do that's awesome!) and as girls we can relate to the girls in the books, but as we get older we tend to pay more attention to the boys. How handsome they are, their personality, and is he the type of guy I would want to marry? That kind of stuff. ;)

Have you read this series? Who was your favorite character? And who is your all-time favorite character from any book? Do you agree with me?


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