Saturday, May 17, 2014

Writing Contests

I don't know how many of you remember my saying that as soon as we had 10 followers, we would do writing contests. But here we are at ten! *Little happy dance*

So me thinks we will do the contests every Saturday. Which is today. Yea!


1. Entries must be 250-600 words

2. They must be left in the comments before Wednesday of the next week

3. Followers of TWS will be the judges, they must leave their votes in the comments by Friday

4. Non-Followers of TWS are allowed to place an entry, but not vote

5. Entries with foul language or scenes that are too inappropriately graphic will be discarded

6. You may choose one or more of the prompts to put into your 'one' entry

7. Voters are not allowed to vote for themselves

8. Votes will be made by G+ing the prompt that voter likes best (Till we have a better system)

                                                    Writing Prompts

1. Include this piece of dialog in your prompt, "I got myself into this mess, I can get myself out."

2. Use this picture,

3. Or use this quote, "When life gets too hard to stand, kneel"

Also, when you have ideas for prompts or anything else, send it to us in an email or in the comments.
If you didn't agree with one of the rules, please talk it out with us. :)

Have fun! Brookie

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