Friday, October 24, 2014

Small words are nice, but...

Everyone loves Anne Shirley. But most people disagree with the way she writes. Why use big words when you can use little words?

But I ask, why use little words when you can add some spice to your story using the occasional big word?

Oh my gosh. I just asked you to oppose everything you've read on writing. Using big words is forbidden though, Brooke!

But really, what's the matter with using a mammoth word here or there? The pros tell you to find your characters voice. But then they tell you not to use big words. What then for the geeks, the English majors, the exaggerators? Are they going to be made dull because they aren't allowed to speak the way they normally would?

Also, do we want the future generation to grow up knowing next to nothing? We need to give people a challenge here or there. I dare you to add one big word to every chapter for a week. Then the next week put one on every page. Then if you're really crazy like I am, find a small word, then look up the synonyms and use one of those big ones that you've never either heard of or used.If you don't like it, go back to the small and easy words.

But don't go overboard. I do agree that Anne had a few too many big words. ;) Hide them, make them little gems that only the true readers will find. :)

Do you agree that there should be more big words in our novels? Or maybe you're going to yell at me for filling everyone heads with nonsense?


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