Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who am I and what am I doing here?

Or what we're going to address, who is my character and what are they doing in that book?

I like to talk about the MC, but today we'll talk about that character who doesn't know what they're doing.


I have one of those right now. Her name is Sadie, and she's going to marry the MC's brother. But other than that... well, right now she's useless. I will figure it out as soon as November comes. NaNaWriMo people! My first year of the 50,000 word goal. :)

So let's talk about Sadie, and whoever is in your book that needs a job. Let's first ask the question; Do you love them? Do they absolutely have to stay?

No. Then cut them out.

"The moment you write a character who doesn't add to the story, you've written one too many." W. G. James

Yes. Keep reading.

If you can't find the heart to get rid of them then it means work, just to warn you. Give them a bit of a background, it doesn't have to go deep. But what are they passionate about, why and how do they know the MC? Ask yourself the basics, you don't have to go really deep unless... well we'll discus that in a moment. What do they do for a living? Are they going to help or oppose your MC? This is one of the biggies.

Now, can you give them a bit of a twist? What if originally they're the MC's friend, but then towards the end they betray them. Maybe it's not even because they are evil, but they thought doing it this way was best. Or maybe they've got a deep background, what happened before they met the MC? Were they famous? Bullied? An alcoholic? In a gang? What if their past comes to bite them and in the process trips up the MC?

Or do they have something important to share with the MC? Did they get into a similar situation in the past, maybe they have some advice. Use your imagination, it's not just for little kids you know. Now that you're older you can harness it and use it to do what you love, write. :)

What do you think? Anything you'd like to share? Or maybe share an instance where you had a character who at the beginning was a nobody, then turned out to be really important to the story?

P.S. I did get the title from my worldview curriculum if you were wondering. 


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