Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fantasy Horses (Not true)

So after reading a random blog post on horses in books, seeing as I know about horses, I figured I might write a one or two on them.

There are quite a few books out there with horses. I'm here to tell you which facts are true and which ones aren't. (I am taking a few from the post I saw because they were important, but other than that these are my own)

1. Saddle breaking a horse takes months
  No. Breaking a horse to ride might take a month, depending on how often you get out there. But saddle breaking a horse should only take a week or two at the most.

2. Horses scream in pain or fright
  Nope. I have seen our horses get into plenty of tangles, our mare has even given birth, and I have never heard a horse scream. Now they can scream, but mostly they don't.

3. Shin Splints are serious
  From what I've heard, no. I've never had to deal with this yet. But I have read this before, were the horse gets a shin splint and it's awful. People cry, it's the end. No. It's not serious.

4. All horses love apples and carrots
  My horse hates apples, but loves carrots. My sister's horse loves both. Some horses don't like carrots, but love apples. Remember that horses are like people.

5. Horses get along super well
  It might be true for some horses. But talking from experience, no horses ever get along well all the time. Our horses are always playing the nip-nip game and, well, horsing around. 

6. Horses are loyal
  Ha! I have always found this one funny because everyone thinks it's true. Your horse can love you, it   may even only care about you, but horses are not loyal. This is a human trait that only humans have. Horses are built with a fight or flight instinct. If something truly scares them, they will forget all about you. As much as I love my horses, I know I cannot rely on them to somehow save me. 

7. They always look majestic
  I wish. Horses are wild animals, and whatever they can find, they will get into. Unless you are rich and live in a elite barn, with paid workers constantly out there, your horse will get scrapes and hurts. They can do it while getting an itch, playing, rolling, fighting. Horses will get messy. 

8. They only sleep standing up
  If you have a herd that is comfortable in there surroundings and comfortable with each other, they will sleep lying down. It's rare for people who don't live around horses to see this, but people who do, see it all the time. Horses generally have around thirty minutes of on the ground sleep a day. Now that's an average, they don't always lay down everyday.

9. Baby horses are always cute
  Well, this one is mostly true. But when some of them get their winter coats not so much. Our little guys looks like a furry mule right now.

10. They hate/love dogs
  Some horses love dogs some hate them. Some only tolerate them. 

Was anything answered here that you used to think was true? If you have any other questions on horses for your book, let me know!


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