Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoughts Readers/ Watchers Get When a Character is Killed

So we all like to have our hearts torn out and ripped to tiny shreds. Right? Don't say no, cause if not, well, liar, liar pants on fire, hanging from a telephone wire. Why do you keep reading books then? Or watching TV shows? Hmmm? That's what I though.

So today we're going to view a few thoughts behind killing off your character. *This post does contain spoilers and I am not responsible for anyone reading something important before they watch or read it.

Downton Abbey 1: Pure agony watching her die. She's going to die, we know it, why her? Why so painfully?

Downton Abbey 2: Is he dead? I think so. Maybe it's just a concussion. Think on it for a year till we come back and tell you.

Downton Abbey Conclusion: Downton Abbey loves to torment. They also like to kill your favorites. So I say watch out for Granny, we will not let her die!

The Book Thief method 1: We don't know him, but it's should send shivers up your spine how he dies. Shivers.

The Book Thief method 2: Tell you before hand and watch as you get frightened every time someone does something stupid.

The Book Thief Conclusion: Mark is mean. He also seems to like to torment us, and he has a very interesting way of doing it too.

The Paradise 1: Was it murder? Or an accident? He couldn't have done it.

The Paradise 2: More murder?! Creepy...

The Paradise Conclusion: They like murder or the, maybe it was, thoughts.

Are there any deaths that you can think of? What were your thoughts?


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