Friday, May 1, 2015

Do not give up

I know writing first drafts are hard. Trust me, I haven't even gotten through one yet. But here's a little encouragement for all of us. :)

Your character's could be someone's OTPs someday. Or someone could ship them. Maybe you'll even start a fandom. Maybe even one as big as SuperWhoLock! Just think about that. All those feelings you have for your ships, someone could feel the same way about your characters some day. Alright, have a little squealing moment there. ;) I won't judge you. You should see the smile on my face from just thinking about it.

You could impact someone's life for God someday. People go through rough times in their lives, and books often help. Yours might just lead someone to Christ. Now that's something to smile about. :)

Friends can't bug you about reading it anymore. Just hand them the papers and sit back. lol, or your little sister.

You'll have the ultimate bragging rights. Especially if you're a teenager. Not many teenagers can say they've written a full length book.

God, family, and friends will be proud of you. You will have persevered through something not many people can do. You will have faced writer's block, plot holes, and difficult characters, and made it to the end.

Sit back for a moment. If you're having a hard time with your story, think of all the good things about writing. Think about the different things you love about your characters. Remember that time the words just flowed from your fingers?

And have fun! I don't care if it takes me twelve years to write my story if I'm having fun. Don't make yourself miserable. Pushing is good, straining is not.


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