Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking at the Old and Growing

  Wow. I really wish I had looked back at my first posts before I quit. I have been looking back and catching up with my fifteen year old self. I can say with confidence that I have grown so much in my blogging skills. It's embarrassing to think that anyone read what I wrote back then. I'm also sure that in another two years I will look back and grimace at what I'm currently writing.

  I forced out every word. My humor was dry. I honestly sounded like a baby trying to be a guru.

  I do have a point to this though. Don't beat yourself up about your writing. Trust me, everyone sucks at first. Think of all of the professionals out there. Oprah was fired from a job at 23. Most of us know that Steve Jobs was a high school dropout. Yet this didn't stop them. It grew them into very successful people.

  I have a challenge for each of you today. A somewhat painful one, but it's worth it. Go back through your posts to day one and read at least three old posts. When you are finished gritting your teeth go forward to your last three posts and read those. Can you see the change? Can you see yourself before as the old, and now as the new? As long as we keep writing, we will keep improving.

  So, go be inspirational! Keep getting better and better until your a millionaire. (When you get really famous and make lots of money remember me. Remember that I gave you this inspirational post and I foretold the future. (Don't just remember me though, call me up, make your your right hand man gal))

Keep writing!