Friday, January 2, 2015

Why the deaths had an impact (Spoilers for the Hobbit)

For those of you who haven't either read or watched the Hobbit, there are spoilers.

So, why do I think the deaths in the Hobbit have such an impact?

Thorin, Fili, and Kili have faults, weaknesses, and doubts.

Thorin: He becomes obsessed with the gold and with finding the Arkenstone. He lets it take him over. He even begins to think one of his company has stolen it for himself. He lets hate and anger brew inside. Thorin won't keep his word, he lets people starve outside his gates.

Fili: Is loyal to a fault. Even though he knows that his uncle is becoming a monster, he doesn't do anything about it. It's his uncle, the rightful ruler of Durin. He puts loyalty before everything else.

Kili: Is almost just as loyal as his brother. And according to his mother, he's reckless.

But they also have some good qualities. The fact that they are loyal, they are brave, and strong, they don't fear death. They would gladly give their lives for their uncle Thorin and for Durin. They make mistakes, but they realize what they were, and they overcome those mistakes. They go out and join the fight, they forget the Arkenstone, and they die fighting for others.

I think why their deaths make such an impact is because we realize that no matter how big a mistake, no matter how awful and cruel someone can act, they can change. And when we see that they finally made the great sacrifice to change, they died fighting for it. That rips us and tears us, because we know they could have lived greats lives, yet they were cut short. But even so, for those few hours, they did the right thing, and they fought a great fight.

So shed some tears with me over Thorin, Fili, and Kili. :') They deserve them.
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