Saturday, January 17, 2015

Writing Contest

If you have any prompt ideas you can either email them to me or for pictures pin it on my 'writing contests' board. (If you would like to pin at the board shoot me an email at the email under 'about us' and I will invite you to join the fun) 


1. Entries must be 250-600 words 

2. They must be left in the comments by the second Wednesday at 11:30AM

3. Anyone be the judges, they must vote by the second Saturday

4. The voting link will be open from 12PM on Wednesday to Saturday night 

5. Non-Followers of TWS are allowed to place an entry and now vote

6. Entries with foul language or scenes that are too inappropriately graphic will be discarded

7. You may choose one or more of the prompts to put into your 'one' entry

8. Voters are not allowed to vote for themselves 

Prizes (There will only be two winners for now, until we get more entries)
1st: A copy of my tips on writing prompts
2nd: A follow at your website

                                                              Vote Here! 

Last weeks winner 
So we have a four way tie. We had no voters, and so no winners. But, I loved everyone's entries! And remember to enter this one. I'll adjust some of the rules and maybe send out a reminder when everyone is allowed to vote.

                                                    Writing Prompts
You may continue a past story if it includes one of these prompts

1. Include this phrase in your prompt: "The tapping got louder."

2. Use this picture: 

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