Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My horse is a teacher/ Tough Love

I don't know how many of you actually like these posts, but I know Alyssa does so they are not in vain. ;)

We have a foal. He was born a few weeks ago right after Youth Group. Then we leased a gelding. He does not like the baby and will charge him. So our herd of five decided since he doesn't like their baby, they don't like him.
It's actually pretty cute, sometimes Leo (the new horse) would charge Jesse (the baby) but Dusty is like Jesse's body-guard and will keep Leo away. Seeing as Dusty is all buff and handsome I think it's funny.
I don't really think the other horses dislike Leo, but they are trying to get a point across, they will not tolerate him being mean to their baby. And why should they? He has absolutely no right. Jesse never did anything to him.
I love how the others stick up to him though. They let him come close-ish, but if he gets too close to the baby they drive him away. They don't hurt him, they don't nag. They just tell him, they're not taking any funny business.
And Leo is getting better. He's not as mean to the baby anymore, although he still nice, and he still charges, he doesn't do it as often.

So what's the lesson here for humans? We nag too much. Or we take too much bullying. Oh it's normal. They'll get over it. They're just doing what they were made to do.
It's should not be normal. That person, animal or whatever won't ever completely get over it. And nobody was made to be mean. We where made to give God glory and enjoy him forever. Does bullying sound like glorying God?
With the nagging. Have you ever heard the moms and dads who go, 'if you don't stop now I'll' or 'that hurts my feelings' or 'don't make me count to three'. Everyone knows they don't mean it.

And the last thing is, stick up for those who are being treated unkindly. :)


P.S. I'll share some pictures soon.

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