Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunflower Award

First off. So sorry about the writing contests. I'v been helping with VBS and Mom is in Mass., so I won't be doing it for at least another week. 

But... I have been nominated with the Sunflower award by Maddie Jay. Thanks Maddie!

The questions are:

1. Who is the best looking cartoon guy you've ever seen?
Do Disney characters count? If so Flynn Rider, sorry people, I just can't call him Eugene. ;P

2. If you had to live in an era besides this one, which would you choose?


3. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead, alive, or fictional, who would it be?

C.S. Lewis

4. What is your ideal first date?

Pizza and a movie. I know I'm cliche

5. If one of your characters (or a favorite book character if you don't have any original characters) were to be put in a movie, who would you want to play them?

I would want Johnny Depp to play one of my secondary characters :)

6. Talking Veggie Tales here. Bob, or Larry? (I will judge you depending how you answer this)
Larry. Barbara Manatee, I'll take you to the ball! My older siblings call my Manatee because of him 

7. Do you like to play Checkers?


8. Why do you think all the super genius villains in shows like Person of Interest and Sherlock Holmes like to play chess?

They want to practice their thinking skills... Or they just want to show off...

9. Summer or Winter?

Summer. My birthday is in July and I hate the cold. ;) 

My questions:

1. If you write, which of your character's would be your best friend in the real world?

2. Have you ever punched someone?

3. What is your favorite sport?

4. Who is your favorite band?

5. If you could act in any movie (already made) what would it be? (Whether your good at acting or not)

6. Dark, white, or milk chocolate?

7. If you could be the MC in any book, who would you be?

8. What's your middle name?

9. Rain or snow?

I nominate: 

Amy at Living Waters
Sarah at Inklined
Recubed at Random Rants By Recubed


I started a new blog where I will be posting on things other than writing. I haven't posted yet, but I should be soon. :) I'll also put a link up on the blog.


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