Monday, June 2, 2014

Character interview with Maddie Jay/Cannon

So this will be another weekly thing. :) Usually only once a week, but if we happen to have more 1st place ties, like we did last week, then there will two or more... Capisce?

Okay then, today we welcome Cannon to the set.

Welcome Cannon,


How about you tell us where your from to start.

Well, I'm from Detroit. Maddie said I had to do more than one word answers, so, if you go to the edge of the good neighborhoods, right before you get to the questionable ones- my house is right there. 

Interesting, that reminds me of the newest Karate Kid with Will Smith's son. Remember when he's on the plane and his mom makes him practice his Chinese? Then the guy across the aisle says, "Dude, I'm from Detroit." My favorite scene. ;)

I had to watch that once with Jeremy's little sister- Jer's my best friend. It was...cute. I wouldn't want to practice Chinese either.

What's your family life like?

We had to get to that question didn't we? It's not too bad when my brothers aren't home. They're real jerk wads and life is pretty sucky when they're around. My dad keeps his distance cause he's busy  all the time. He's got a real job and then..well you know- Weapons deals and all that junk. I guess I'm closest with my mom but she's got girl friends, and manicures and stuff to worry about, so I pretty much just do my own thing and they do theirs.

Do you have any common ground with your brothers and dad at all?

None with my brothers. I don't actually think they'd mind at all if I was dead. I think if I would take part in the gangs me and dad would actually get along because I'm quite a bit like him. But as things stand now, I'm just his goody-goody son.

What do you like to do with your mom when she has time for you? 
We watch movies. Mostly chick flicks, cause she likes those. Every once in a while we get to just talk about real stuff.

What do you and Jeremy like to do with your free time? 
We shoot hoops a lot. When I go to his house we play video games. He likes to haul me around to church too, but that's more one-sided enjoyment.

So I'm sure you know you're cute, do you have girls follow you around, or stare?

*smirks* Not exactly. They stare, but don't follow. I'm not sure if its for my looks or reputation though. There's this one girl who usually sits with me and glances over a lot. 

 Do you have your eye on any of those girls?  
That last girl. Her name's Rianna.

Is she pretty?

Yeah she is. She's got green eyes, and brown hair. And she's shorter than me. Like perfect side-hug height. 

Thanks Cannon and Maddie Jay! This was fun, but I think we are going to ditch this idea because it is very time consuming for me. We will do the last few ones but after that I'm going to think of another prize. :)


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