Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pleasing your reader at the end

I don't know how many of you have finished a novel. Let me first say, I haven't. But I've learned this from personal experience, the ending is no excuse to write in a passive voice.

I just finished a beautiful book called 'The Pearl Maiden'. I loved it. It's based on a Christian girl around 70AD - 80AD. It had romance, war, lots of suffering, and it was historical, I absolutely love anything that will teach me about the past. ;)

Warning, spoiler alert!

Now there was one thing I just couldn't get over, at the end, Marcus and Mariam finally get married in the last chapter. But... they didn't describe the wedding, the most perfect kiss that I had been waiting patiently for the entire book, or anything. I followed them around, watching them get separated time, and time again to get this. Here is what it said about the wedding:

"With the dawn came celebration, for there upon the deck if the ship Luna, Marcus and Miriam, whom the Romans called Pearl Maiden, were wedded by the bishop Cyril. The Centurion Gallus gave the bride in marriage, while the white-haired, fierce-eyed Nehushta stood at their side and blessed them in the name of the dead mother whose command had not been broken."

It didn't even say 'And they lived happily ever after," or "Their kiss that they had waited for, for years was blah, blah, blah" That's all I wanted people, a single kiss at the least! But this is all I get after following them around for 371 pages.

I guess it was written by a guy. But don't guys know that there need to by kisses at the end of a romance?

Anyways, my point is. At the end of your novels, don't take away a pleasure that the reader has been looking forward through the whole thing.


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