Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dreaming Your Story to Life

Hello all,

 First "real" post so far. Yea!!

 When I first go to write a book, I day dream about it for a couple of days. I get to know what my characters are like by watching them interact in my head. Lot's of people just start with all the list stuff like, how old is my character, what does she look like, is she lonely, popular, etc... But I like to answer all of those questions by imagining them. I do this for a couple of days till I feel like I know my characters pretty well. Then I go to the sheet of questions.
 I also start my plotting this way. I can't plot all the way through like this, my mind just won't work that way. But if I could I would.
 I dream about my characters whenever they pop into my head, when I'm doing school, reading, washing dishes, trying to fall asleep, etc... (Shhh, Don't tell my mom about the school part) ;)
 I really don't have any tricks that are my own, but I'm happy to say that this is one I didn't read about. :)

My horsie Dusty daydreaming about what might try to eat him and how he's going to dump me and get away.
He's a little worry wart. ;)
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P.S. After this post we are going to start only posting on certain days.


Alyssa Monk said...

Oh my goodness! I love your horse! My dad loves palominos : D!

Brooke Faulkner said...

Thanks! He can be naughty sometimes though. ;) But he is sweet, and gorgeous if I do say so myself.

Alyssa Monk said...

I agree. Stunning.