Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We All Have Our Strengths and Weaknesses

     Ok so raise your hand if you are scared and feel week some times. If you didn't I would have to assume you are lieing....sorry. I am human you are human we are all human and no matter hiw brave or strong we are on the out side....IT'S THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS! I bet you've heard that one before! You see the pic up top? Nodd your head and say yes, ok, now read it. What does it say?? Say it out loud I want to hear you! Ok good! (Yes this is an active participation!)
       It says: God is our refuge and strength!. Ok so what does that mean? I am getting there hold on. Back to you and I being human and feeling fear and weekness. Often times Characters in books are always strong on the out side but week on the inside or they are Brave on the out side and so afriad on the inside. I admit I have a character like that.......   but for her things are a bit different. She is portrayed as a stong, fearless, compasionate, loving woman. Did you see the last two? Most of the time the brave fearles characters dont have these two very(in my opinoin) important chararistics! They are brave but lack compasssion they are fearless but lack love. And more oft than not the characters don't have God and if you dont have God all these chararistics are impossible! Arin is my chaeacters name... well her full name is Areial Arin. Areial means lion of God and Arin means mountain of strength. My character is a woman yes. Well she's a woman she  can't be named that!
  Oh yes she can! Arin has a twin brother she feels she needs and wanta to protect (no hes not helpless infact he is quite strong) along with everyother person that happens to travel or live with  them. She has fears and weeknesses. And belive me she is not a feminest either. She does wear trousers and a shirt but taking into consideration she was raised to do battle and a skirt is not really convineant in that kind of a situation, i think we are ok. Arin is a practical woman and prefers the simple necesities of life over the extraveagant luxuries.
  Any way..... She is brave fearless and stubborn but she is loving compassionate and kind. And with out King Theros(our representaion of God) she woyld not have any of those traits. She is afraid more than you would think and belive me she does have weaknesses. But the stength of King Theros Is what keeps her chin up and her confident air about her!
    I can do all things through Chrust who gives me stength! Phillipians 

I hope this has inspierd you and made you thought full. GOD BLESS!

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