Thursday, January 16, 2014

Decisions!! Decisions!!

  Hi yall!
     Ok so normal convorsation with people you ask how they are  doing but I am not normal so ill ask what your eating... so what are you eating? Ok just kidding you don't have to answer that if you don't want to the options yours! *Gasp* i gave you an option a decion to make for yourself ...... WOW!!!
      K that was wierd.....any way my post today will be about decision makeing! Whooohoo!! No? Ok maybey Decicion making is not all that exciting. Well that  depends.....and when writing a book it is a pretty awsome thing!

     So first, obviously you have to decide who your characters are..... now when writing a biography your characters are already chosen for you....but I am not writing a biography so well put that to the side right now. Oh no we have to decide uhg boring! Oh Contrare señora or señor you get to be creative now who here dose not like being creative? You sir? PUT YOUR HAND DOWN!! Alright class without any negatives who likes being creative? All of you? Oh goodie! Now if your anything like me you dream of thousands of different characters in three minutes.Why such along time for thousands of characters?   Well they need personalities,eye color,hairtype and color, how tall are they face shape, build  are they boy or girl and cloths!  Then you have the process of elimiation anyone ever watch the next food network star? ok so we do that and the we repeat till we have  around fifty characters then we choise two or all fifty for who the story revolves around and we have to make sure they know its just the story and not the  world that revolves around them or eles they get spioled and have to sit in time out. Alot of people think i talk to myself but inreality i talk to my characters! Then you build the basics around them. I actually just jot down little scens or clips that pop into my head and if they dont quite fot or getalong with my characters then i just cut it or change it to fit!

     So did I cover everything? If not write a question in the comments and ill give you an answre but nothing personal like my favorite kind of food ( which happens to be guacamloe and chips if you were wondering) other than that aks  and you shall revive an answer!
 oh and if you are reading this and notice all the spelling mistakes or no punctuation. PLEASE IGNORE I am on my phone and couldnt see the bottom half of this post. So with that i will be posting clips from our book on mondays wednesdays and fridays and every so often sundays but thats like a once a moth thing so!
 sianara till i post next..oh haha which is tomorrow by the way! Adeios!

 ~Owyn W.

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