Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Arin!

Hello everybody!
      Sorry quite a bit late with the post Iwont spend any time on an explination! This is Arin one of our characters. You'll figure out what shes like after you read this. Its in the middle but it shows her character the best. Well the best i have typed out anyway.

Arin was defiantly flustered she had spent thirty minutes, after being scrubbed down at least fifteen thousand times, explaining to the maids why she would never even consider wearing any of the items that had been set out for her to no avail. She finally showed them out of the room. They were tiny little women that didn't put up much of a fight but boy were do you put it nicely insistent. She donned the cloths she had worn to this disgraceful building. "If Terragon thinks that I am I going to wear those low-chested-two-times-too-small-13-inch-waist-over-sized-burlap-bag-skirt-dresses he is out of his mind!" she ranted to her self as she buckled her belt and strapped on her sword. She said a quick prayer then looked around the room for an escape, so thay she mght be able to sneek the others out after the cerimony. "Nothing" she sighed exasperated leaning against the wall. Then she had an idea 'our castle had a secret passage in most of the rooms maybe this one dose after all it wasn't always Rucifels.' She figured she had a couple more minutes so she went around the room pressing pulling and shifting everything she could. She hadn't found anything when the guard pounded on the door. "Time for the ceremony! Hurry up!" Arin was startled and jumped pushing against wall to steady her self and pushed a brick in and a small door just big enough for a person to go through opened up she pushed the brick again and it closed. What amazed Arin most was that it was extremely quite. 'Thank you my King! Thank you!' Arin exulted silently; she had some exploring to do tonight. "Coming!" She said smiling to her self 'we may not get out of the castle but we can form a plan!' The guards glared at her when she walked out. "Terragon will note pleased with your attire tonight" Arin shot a glare at the guard "I do not care to please that coward!" The guard raised his hard to strike Arin, she did not recoil but the other Guard stopped him. "Remember we rant supposed to leave a mark on her!?" The first guard grumbled. "You got away this time wench but I will look forward to beating you someday." Arin only smirked. 'Oh you wish.. but after tonight you won't get a chance!' Sahe thought to herself.

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