Friday, January 24, 2014

What Is A Truly Fearless Woman?

         Salutations! ;)
   Today I am starting out with a question.
                   Do you see the picture above? Nodd you head because you probably just looked at it. What comes to mind when you see the picture and read it's words?

     Do you think of some tough drill sergent laidy like the principle in the movie Matilda?
     Do you think of a tough girl who stays strong even though she's been through alot in life?
    Do you think of a girl whom everyone is afraid of cuse she looks like she could smash you with her pinky?
    Do you think of a woman who is constantly praying and helping others, ignoring her problems and setting her troubles aside to help someone else?
   Do you think of a woman whose Able to stand up for her faith and isnt afraid to take someone elses punishment or be insulted for what she belives?

I think of the last two when I think of a fearless woman. A truely fearless woman is not afraid of the challenges the world throws at her. She is able to stand up for others and praise God through the hard times. She has faith and hope even when told their is none to be had. She is willing to serve God and lay aside other things to make time for him. That is who I am trying to make my character Arin. I want her to be a brave and fearless woman but i know she cant be that perfectly. Fearless womaen aren't afraid to cry but don't cry because they wanrt to encourage others.
      Think of, and I encourage you to read Proverbs 31. Read about the virtuous woman. And to the women and girls reading this be encouraged by the words in this passage. Do not let it make you feal worthless but rather let it make you feal like you can be that kind of woman! You must know first though; without God we as women can't even come close to that standard. With him though we can soar above it!

  Be encouraged and dive into God's word to see for yourself and learn his ways!
     God Bless!
          Owyn V

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