Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everyone has a heart

Now last time we talked about how nobody's perfect, today we're talking about how even though we and our characters aren't perfect, God gave us hearts and even if we aren't believers we still use our hearts.
 Now this is especially hard when making your antagonist, you want the ugly guy who doesn't do a lick of good. Right? 
 Not always.   

  If you have an antagonist who is portraying Lucifer/Satan/The Devil or whatever you happen to call him, you know, the Big bad guy, down in Hell/Hades or whatever you call his home, you want a pure evil guy sure. But think about it, when you get tempted to do something wrong, it doesn't always look wrong at the time does it?
 No. Actually most of the time it looks pretty sweet, maybe it even seems it will help you or someone else. 
 Sometimes it seems like the right thing to do, like say when, your mom or friend gets a new sweater and it just isn't working on them, you say 'well, I'm doing this so I won't hurt their feelings.' But as my youth group has been discussing for quite some weeks, lying is wrong, no ands, buts, or ors. (I'm not going to get into that discussion today, but if you want to email me we can discuss it by email, just leave a comment saying that you would be interested in talking about it) 
 But the Devil makes it look like its the right thing to do, the nice thing to do. 
You've got to make him sweet but sticky. 

But if you're not writing a allegory, or your antagonist is just a normal person, (bully, old friend, etc...) they aren't going to be pure evil. They are going to have their soft spots too. 

I know you know at least one person who isn't the nicest when around you. Don't tell me you don't. *shaking finger*
So think about them, I'm pretty certain you know where they could improve, (aren't we all like that?) but where are they nicest? Do they have a soft spot for little kids or seniors? Maybe they are hard workers. Or they never break their promises. 

Okay, hopefully by the time you've pointed out some nice things with that person, you will be a little nicer towards them. And you know their weak spots, that is a very dangerous thing for someone to know, don't use it for evil.

 But now that person that you don't like quite so much, just helped you with your writing. Never thought of that did ya?

Sorry this one was so long!! That's a fault of mine, if I get started talking, it's hard for me to stop if I'm on a subject I love! At least I don't start conversations like this barely ever. :P

Have a great day!! And good luck with school work. :)

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