Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not exactly who you would think


 Ya'll know I live on a ranch, right? Maybe not. Oh well, I do. But it's a very small one with only four horses, two dogs, and two (indoor) cats. Yah, we're still working on it. But there will be a baby horsie in a few months! Yeah!

 Now that you know this, you would probably assume a few things. First, I say 'howdy' and 'ya'll' all of the time. Second, I wear cowgirl clothes everywhere. Third, I'm some kind of hick. And Fourth, well, I don't know what else you might be thinking.

 Now to set you straight. I hardly ever say howdy or ya'll. I live in Colorado, and we are NOT considered part of Dixie. I do like wearing my cowgirl clothes, but I was a sporty girl long before I was a horsie girl. I like my stretchy clothes, and I do like wearing pretty clothes. I am a very well egumakated (Haha, just kidding;) educated girl.

Me at camp. Lilly, the horse isn't mine. Sorry the pic is sideways. :P
Really annoying.

 Why am I telling you this? Well, I assume you read. And depending on what you've read, that is how you made your first opinion of me. Right? You've probably read of those hick cowboys and girls. So as soon as you read that I live on a ranch, I was thrown in with your idea of them.
 So to the point. Do Not let your reader assume anything about your character. Your character needs to have character. (No pun intended, okay maybe a little) You probably know by now that I like to joke around. Look up a line to see my point. I like to make little jokes here and there, especially in my writing. Does your character have something that is special to them?
 Say for a minute that you jump around from one POV to another. Would your reader know who's head they were in before the even saw any names? That is what I mean. Your character needs to have voice.
 Can you tell who wrote a post, me or Owyn, before you see our names? That is because we have different voices. At least I hope so. (Owyn! You better not have stolen my voice!) The other day she stole my marbles. ;) hehe   See I'm a funny person.

 Make sure your readers know who your character is. Next time I'll talk about not letting your characters be you. That is very hard for me. :)

 Bye Ya'll!! ;D

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 Love, Brookie

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